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Choose Joy Tattoo (set of 2)

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Available in black or GOLD! You will receive a set of TWO temporary tattoos. Shoot us an email if you are interested in a group, wholesale or bulk discount.

1. make sure skin is clean and free of oils, lotions, and makeup.
2. trim closely around the tattoo you'd like to apply.
3. with DRY hands, remove the clear plastic sheet and place the tattoo face down on desired area. (it's slightly sticky, so it should stay in place.)
4. hold a wet cloth agains the back and wait approximately 30 seconds.
5. peel off paper, gently rinse with water, and pat dry.

rub gently with an alcohol soaked cottonball or baby oil.

1. after applying, let tattoo set for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, avoid drastic twisting and bending of application area during this time.
2. when showering, be gentle. don't exfoliate the area, and pat dry.